Irisu Syndrome – About 10 Hours Looking At The Ceiling

From the freeware game Irisu Syndrome.

Composer: Takeaki Watanabe

Download: PDF ( Full | Piano | Electric Bass | Solo Piano Arrangement ) – Music XML ( Full | Solo Piano Arrangement )

v2 (November 17, 2016): Piano corrections in bars 16-17, 32-33, 64-65, and 68, updated score formatting

Note: Cello, strings, and synth pad parts were too small for me to consider it worth making individual PDFs for. Comment if you disagree and you need the individual parts, I’ll put the work in then.

Irisu Syndrome

Homestuck – Three In The Morning

From the Homestuck compilation album Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead, released on February 4, 2010.

Composer: Clark “Plazmataz” Powell

Download: PDF ( Full | Piano | Bass | Drum Set ) – Music XML (.mxl)

Note: Do NOT print and give the drum scores to a drummer, it is classically notated (i.e. every single note) and will drive them absolutely crazy. Unless that’s what you wanna do, then hey, more power to you.