My name’s Flare. I’m a pianist. I started this site because existing sheet music for many songs were often sloppy and highly inaccurate. I decided to make the sheet music myself, as accurately as I possibly could, for songs which I lamented the lack of sheets for.

My friend Hot Rod helps with guitar transcription. I don’t own a guitar myself, so if you see any sheet with any remotely small guitar presence, he had a hand in making it possible.

Whatever sheets I upload will be provided in two formats, a print-friendly PDF and Music XML (.mxl). Anything else can be requested and I’ll see what I can do to help.


  • Do you take requests for sheet music transcriptions?
    Yes I do, but I don’t guarantee that I’ll do whatever song you request from me.
  • What are the requirements for you doing a song?
    First, I have to like the piece, obviously. I’m not doing something that I don’t like. Second, it has to be something that won’t already have an accurate transcription available to the public. This means two things, either the song is too complex for most musicians to handle it, or it’s too obscure for most musicians to know and do something about it. Sometimes just one, sometimes both. Exceptions can be made, though, so don’t be shy with your requests!
  • Will you provide sheets for entire albums instead of individual songs?
    Maybe. I’d just need a reason to care.
  • What if I pay you? Are you available to commission?
    Now that’s a different story. Shoot me an email on the Contact page and we’ll see what we can work out.

Copyright Notes:

Let me start by saying this first: do not republish any of this sheet music behind a paywall. The legality of transcriptions is a fine issue, and attempting to sell any of these sheets will cause trouble for me and for this fine collection of sheets.

In a strict reading of US Law, a transcription of copyrighted music is considered a derivative work. This does mean that technically all sheet music published on this site is illegal. However, transcriptions are considered derivative works in the same way that fan-made art of copyrighted characters are derivative works: you’ll be very hard-pressed to find copyright owners who care enough to take down what is essentially free publicity.

Matters get a little bit more complicated when money enters the equation. There’s two ways for copyists to profit off the transcriptions they make from copyright music they do not own: the first is commissioning, the second is selling the sheets. There’s a fine difference between the two: when a copyist is commissioned to transcribe a song, what is being sold is the copyist’s time and skills, not the sheets of the song in question. The sheet that is then produced is still under all the same restrictions as regular sheet music, but the sheets themselves aren’t being sold and so aren’t any more objectionable than the usual. However, selling the sheets made makes the sheets themselves the product, and then the copyright owners are going to want a piece of the money. At this point the copyist would need to gain permission from the copyright holders to do this, and usually that involves giving away a cut of the profits.

For this reason I don’t want any of the sheets I make to be sold; it complicates things and makes it harder for me to do what I enjoy doing. That said, there’s a case to be made about transcriptions falling under fair use for the purposes of education, but IANAL, so yeah. Download and have fun playing.