I’m not dead

I’ve just been busy with school.

More sheets coming soon.



Five sheets in 6 months. Welcome to the amazing output rate of Flare’s Sheet Music.

While I have your attention with the stuff I already have uploaded, here’s some songs that I also have my eye on transcribing:

Kajiura Yuki – rain goes up FINISHED CLICK HERE


Kajiura Yuki – M23

Katawa Shoujo – Cloudland Swing FINISHED CLICK HERE

Yume Miru Kusuri – Girls are Made of Frosting Cake FINISHED CLICK HERE

At this point you might notice literally every song has some kind of anime origin and you might be tempted to judge me for it. I would entirely empathize.

Still plenty of other songs I’d like to sheet but that’s for another time. Solo piano first eh?

Let’s get it started

So, first post. My name’s Flare, and over the years I have noticed a distinct lack of reasonably accurate sheet music available for various songs. People seem to think it’s alright to give the song a once-over and then write something down without even a decent bass clef transcription! Well, I say no more! Let the era of the Guy Who Obsesses Over Every Single Note begin!

So basically what I do is I provide sheet music for various songs of my choosing. A perfectionist standard of accuracy is guaranteed, and if you’re not satisfied with my service I also provide refunds for the amount of electricity and internet service you wasted bothering with my site! Ahaha, no I don’t. But yeah, that’s all I do. Accurate sheet music.

That’s all, check the About/FAQ if there’s anything you’d like to know. Have fun playing.